A great number of people from Forserum and the neighborhood emigrated to North America in the second part of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century. Many of these emigrants found new land in the northern parts and became farmers as most of them were back home. Some started as workers on raches in Texas. For example Sven Magnus Svensson, the owner of the SMS Ranch recruited a lot of people from Barkeryd, which is next to Forserum, and from Forserum.

In august 2000 we had visitors from the United States. Among them were the ancestors of Johannes Samuelsson. The home of his daughter Stina Katarina (Stina-Kari) is one of the houses in the park.
Forsgard - Weaver Memories & Lineage 1800 - 2000 were compiled before this visit in Sweden.

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